Nobumichi Asai


With a team of CGI specialists and make up artists, Nobumichi Asai directed and produced the piece Omote. Omote is Japanese for face or mask, when putting together the more artistic parts of this piece, Asai decided to reflect Japan’s cultural ideas of beauty and through the different make up looks that are projected onto the model. “Through the use of face tracking and projection mapping a models face can be altered in real-time.” That combined with abstract visuals makes up the futuristic and technical details of Omote.

Asai has expressed the importance of representation. As impressive as this technology is Asai still wants the main focus to be on the model and the images that are being projected. Since the model is limited to blinking and bobbing her head around, it seems that what makes this combination of art and tech majestic is the simple story that is being told. The Evolution of Japanese aesthetic.



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