Cory Doctorow’s: “Writing in the Age of Distraction”

Cory Doctorow’s TED Talk


Cory Doctorow’s article brings attention to the question, Is technology beneficial or distracting? The idea is that technology and the internet does have its benefits and it is, for some, a main source of pleasure, entertainment, and information. However Doctorow’s acknowledges that there is “the tug of an attention black hole: a time-sink that is just waiting to fill my every discretionary moment with distraction.”

In his article he lists the different ways we can keep ourselves from being distracted and how to focus on being more productive. He advices that we set goals, to set up a detailed schedule and so we have a clear start and end to our day. He also said to allow yourself to take breaks that its important to stop what you’re doing. This is especially important because it gives to a chance to reflect back on your work little by little.

He also mentions all the little unnecessary things that occur when we work. How we spend so much time making sure the atmosphere is right, how we let technology take over our creative thinking. Yes, things like spell check has a huge impact in our work process.

And things like alerts are obviously one of the most distracting of them all. We want to be notified constantly about what is going on, Facebook messages, Instagram likes, and emails alerts, take you out of your work environment. I simple “ding” can grab your attention.

The main point is that it is easy to get lost in the endless wasteland of the internet, but how much will Doctorow’s advice help us. His article gives us simple ways to keep us from getting distracted from the internet but how will we be able to avoid becoming completely dependent on the internet and technology? Is it to late for us? Is there any way of going back?


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