Spider Dress



Anouk Wipprecht’s Spider Dress


This 3D printed, micro-controlled garment was designed by Anouk Wipprecht, a Netherlands based fashion designer. Through her collaboration with Intel she was able to create a wearable work of technology. The main feature of this piece is its “arachnid-like, moving limbs that will jut out at anyone who gets too close.” Wipprecht’s “spider dress” is only one of the few innovative pieces of tech-wear. She has sought to expand her collection, by exploring the different ways the wearer can express their mental state through their attire.

Wipprecht has brought to our attention the ways people express themselves through fashion. Clothing has evolved into an art form that has allowed us to feel a certain way about ourselves and has given us the¬†opportunity to indirectly communicate with others. Wipprecht’s Spider Dress gives off a more literal sense, or a more aggressive approach to how one may address others. As opposed to simply putting on an article of clothing and presenting it to the world, Wearing something like the Spider Dress becomes an interactive experience for the person wearing it and their surroundings.